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BCA Artificial Intelligence

BCA Artificial Intelligence

The BCA Artificial Intelligence is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters. The course trains the students on various technologies involved in artificial intelligence systems and softwares.. Artificial Intelligence (AI) are arguably the most transformative technologies available to mankind today. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to completely disrupt most industries and organisations, which means that everyone needs to understand the basics of this fast-evolving field and consider the implications on their career and business. Artificial Intelligence is creating more impact than the invention of the personal computer and the spread of mobile phones. Rather than trying to embody machines with everything they need to know upfront, the artificial intelligence professionals help the machines to learn from the observations happening around.

Career Scope for BCA Artificial Intelligence

The BCA Artificial Intelligence has excellent job opportunities across different sectors. After the completion of the BCA Artificial Intelligence the students will be able to work as Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, etc. As soon as he/she starts a career in artificial intelligence, they work in a team that handles Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning projects. As they gain experience and skill, they can become a team leader and also can be promoted as project managers. The BCA Artificial Intelligence students can even join MCA or MBA for higher studies if interested.

Some of the important job roles available for BCA Artificial Intelligence students are:

  • Artificial Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers

Some of the important areas where the BCA Artificial Intelligence students can find numerous jobs are:

  • IT Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Banks
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Supply Chain Companies

List of Colleges that offer BCA  Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore

  • Jain University
  • Sambhram Academy of Management Studies