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What are the Advantages of doing a BCA Course?

Computer Science Application encompasses a variety of topics that are related to computation like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, programme design, software and computer hardware. Computer Science has its roots in electrical engineering, mathematics and electronics. In the past computer science was taught as a part of mathematics or engineering but today it has emerged as a separate field. Today more courses on computers are being introduced by different colleges that are on par with the industry needs. Industry is always dynamic and adapts to the new technologies within no time, so the colleges are also coming up with new courses with new BCA programmes.

What is Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)?

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most popular courses in the field of computer science. 
  • The BCA degree has gained a lot of importance and is attracting a lot of attention in the last decade. 
  • The booming IT industry has created ample job opportunities across the globe. Many new IT companies are booming and making their presence in the IT revolution. 
  • These IT firms require skilled students who have hands-on experience with computers and computer applications. 
  • The BCA course turned out to be the most popular course chosen by the students after B. Tech courses. 
  • It is considered that the BCA course is the best alternative to the B.Tech course which is rather easier and better when compared to B.Tech.
  • The BCA is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters that mainly focuses on study of computer applications
  • The BCA course has changed according to times, it is very different now when compared to older times
  • The BCA course gives a detailed training on different softwares and applications of computers
  • The new generation of BCA courses are coming up with specific specialisations according to industry demand
  • The BCA course trains the students on different aspects of computers like UX/UI, database, programming languages, development softwares etc
  • The course provides a lot of opportunities to the students who are interested in the computer field and willing to work in the IT sector as programmer or a software developer. 
  • The course focuses on preparing students for the roles pertaining to computer applications and helps the students to develop programming skills, networking skills and learn application packages, programming languages and modern techniques of information technology.

What does a Computer Science Professional do?

  • The computer science professionals designs and develops software application for different industries
  • The computer science professionals are required to manage the software hardware & networks in any industry
  • The computer science professionals are responsible to design and development of the hardware components of PCs and laptops
  • The computer science professionals are required to develop software for peripheral computing devices such as printers, modems and scanners
  • The computer science professionals are required to write programming codes and algorithms for operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc

Specialisations Available in BCA

Some of the popular specialisations available in BCA are:

  • BCA
  • BCA Professional
  • BCA International
  • BCA Data Analytics
  • BCA Internet of Things (IoT)
  • BCA Cloud Computing
  • BCA Cognitive Systems
  • BCA Artificial Intelligence
  • BCA Game Software and Mobile Development
  • BCA Intelligence Process Automation
  • BCA Mobile Application and Information Security
  • BCA Cloud Computing and Cyber Security
  • BCA Mobile Application and Cloud Technology
  • BCA Cloud Technology and Information Security
  • BCA UI & UX
  • BCA Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  • BCA Big Data/Machine Learning
  • BCA Data Science

Advantages of being a BCA Professional

Some of the advantages of BCA professionals are:

  • The BCA professionals can find jobs very easily in numerous companies and at various positions
  • The IT knowledge in them gives the professionals to create the applications and programmes that have the chance to change the world. 
  • The technical expertise gained by the BCA students helps them to develop any kind of applications irrespective of the domain and industry
  • The BCA professionals have the flexibility to work remotely and it is not required to be present in office at all times
  • They can work from any part of the world and it is not needed them to be in office to get the things done
  • The BCA professionals have an opportunity to gain skills that broaden the horizons and makes them a valuable employee due to the skills gained by them
  • The BCA professionals are highly paid professionals. They can easily earn a 5-digit salary
  • The BCA professionals can enjoy better Job satisfaction when compared to other domains and industries
  • The BCA degree offers an opportunity for all the computer science professionals to engage in self-development and grow everyday in their careers
  • The BCA students can find ample job opportunities across the globe, today the whole world is depends on IT solutions and computer applications
  • Almost all the sectors and industries rely on computers and computer softwares, this creates more avenues for skilled BCA professionals
  • The BCA students have the flexibility to work from any part of location, this pandemic has proved that this is possible, nearly all the computer developers worked from home all around the globe due to long lockdowns imposed across all the countries  

The BCA has always maintained its importance from ever since it was launched, this further saw a steep increase in takers after the IT revolution. Today, the BCA course in Bangalore has come a long way and it continues to change according to the industry requirements and needs. Today, BCA and B.Tech courses are equally considered by the companies. Students with BCA degrees also shine in their own way and can find ample career opportunities across the globe.


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